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Customized coaching & consulting can help create:

·          successful & sustainable careers

·          a healthy work/life balance

·          a greater sense of personal fulfillment & legacy

·          strong, effective work teams

·          clear goals, business plans, and strategies

·          consistency – even amid constant change

As a certified professional coach I draw on more than thirty years experience as a Fortune 500 business leader to develop customized business and personal development plans for individuals and small businesses.  I’m also available to work with corporations to create targeted development plans for their senior and middle leader ranks as well.

I’ve also developed the Become, Achieve, Do model for goal setting.

This model explores the power of each of three types of goal:

-       Goals to Do something – Effort based goals under our own control.

-       Goals to Achieve something – Results based goals that provide higher rewards, but involve shared control.

-       Goals to Become someone or something – Vision driven goals that define what success really means, and provide direction for what we need to achieve and do.

I enjoy helping others to define a balance of personal and professional goals in all three categories – ensuring a cause and effect relationship between the things we do and achieve to become successful.

Working together, we can also employ a simple method to create, organize, and execute a business plan.  This simple, practical, and scalable model is great for both small business owners and team leaders inside larger companies.

As a working voice talent, I also offer these solutions customized for those building their own voice over business.


To find out if business or personal coaching is right for you, call today for a free phone consultation.


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